Tigers History

"Many thought that a merger between one of the oldest clubs in the district and the youngest club in the district could not work - one club steeped in tradition the other with boundless enthusiasm.

The Toongabbie club was founded in 1928 and had teams representing it in every season since, but sadly had dropped to only three teams in season 2005 The All Saints club was founded in 1998 with just one team, and grew to have nine teams by 2005. All Saints had no real geographic location and a substandard game day venue at Redbank (great for training though). These two clubs came together with a common goal to continue to promote Rugby League in the local area, the development and to provide opportunity for our children and to continue the growth of Rugby League in our community.

It all started in mid-2005 at the Guildford Rugby Leagues Club after a District Junior League meeting, advisory board member Brian "Ginger" Reardon approached the All Saints Secretary Ric Brennan with the suggestion that perhaps a merger with the Toongabbie Club would be helpful to both clubs.

A short discussion with the secretary of the Toongabbie club Dick Kendall ensued after which Ric approached other members of the All Saints club with the proposed idea.

Both clubs put the idea to a meeting of their respective committees and the proposal of a merger was agreed to, representatives then meet with the Terry Rose CEO of the PDJRLFC (the governing body) for permission to merge and form a new club.

The Junior League Board agreed to the merger, now the hard work began to win the hearts and minds of the mums and dads of the players and the supporters.

An open meeting was held at the Northmead Bowling Club for the All Saints club where the pros and cons of the proposed merger were discussed by meetings end a decision to merge was accepted, similar discussions were held by the Toongabbie club with the same decision taken. It should be noted many from both camps didn't believe it would work and some cut ties and walked away but the larger part stayed offering much needed support.

Much work behind the scenes was required, choice of name, choice of colours, choice of playing strip and securing of sponsorships.

At the PDJRLFC AGM the new playing strip and new club logo were unveiled and the All Saints Toongabbie Tigers JRLFC was incorporated on the 1st November 2005 (All Saints Day).

Season 2006 saw the new club surpass all expectations Fielding 16 teams and securing 3 Premierships.

The story doesn't finish there the club is still growing fielding up to 21 teams, one of the largest in the district, developing a number of NRL players, club coaches that have gone on to coach senior and representative teams. It has a strong base of willing parents and friends and at its core are the same principles, to develop our great game and develop a sense of community in the children who play for our club.

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"